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The project is at a stage where I’ve begun contacting and presenting to those I hope can help take it that next step toward release. Which is extremely exciting. Interestingly, I’m observing that people are generally really busy. Meaning that for many opportunities I await response.

Admittedly I’m not as aggressive in pushing for people’s time as I perhaps wonder whether I should be, but, well, it just seems strange that after not having rushed through the past years of this process myself, that I would suddenly feel obliged to pressure others into doing so. But then, how long are you to wait before a follow up is considered courteous rather than pestilent. Or is it that, in today’s world, to be hounded is an expectation and anything less indicates ignorance to understanding the system and leaves you falling behind. Hmm.

Moving on, a number of people have had the time to watch or listen and, of these, the response has been great. Almost all are now involved in the project in one capacity or another. Including the wonderfully talented David Kahne, who is to compose the film’s musical score. A number of other accomplished artists and (personally) admired persons have also been approached regarding the film and foundation and, whilst I can’t confirm any movements just yet, it’s fair to say that the project is (slowly) moving closer and closer toward reaching its goal. I’ll expand on these developments soon.

In the meantime, do enjoy a selection of photos taken with the indigenous Mentawai tribal community or, if interested in a personal insight into how a surf-driven venture to Mentawai evolved to become this project, have a read of this article recently featured on Coastal Watch. Cheers.


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