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To clarify exactly what this project entails and hopes to achieve I have formulated a vision board; a simple step-by-step infographic identifying the problem, how this was found, the solution, and a pathway to achieving its long-term goal. I have posted a copy of this here for you to examine.

As you can see, the film, BUI MAREUREU BAAP As Worlds Divide, is to play an extremely important role within this strategy. Basically it is the link between the voice of indigenous Mentawai and a global community; the key to raising international awareness as to why this project is important, what is at stake, and the vital role we – as viewers – can play in helping the Mentawai community achieve their goals and build a better future.

At present, with almost all major components of this strategy now ready for release, I am working on trying to gain support from associated networks to collaborate and execute a release strategy. Hopefully I’ll have some positive news to share over the coming weeks. Excited. Stay tuned.

Also, big thanks to Marky, Fletch and Gaz for your work on the vision board document design. Ace.


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