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Whilst pondering how best to encapsulate a brief update on the film, I found myself looking back over the various evolvements that have unfolded since my returning from Mentawai almost two years ago; and, in the end, decided that perhaps I’ll just begin there.

So, basically, at that stage, whilst I did foresee the importance in utilizing the development of this project to learn about the processes of filmmaking, I envisioned – after having neglected using this approach whilst being taught about literacy at school or, perhaps closer to reason, having yet to realize an ability or means to truly express how I feel – that, to ensure the film would achieve a desired standard, I’d piece together the story and, after developing it enough to portray a sense of why this experience had had such a profound impact on my life, use it to then lure the interest and talent of a professional script writer… believing that they could help me decipher an intelligible interpretation of the emotions felt and perspectives gained throughout this journey.

A stage, approximately one year ago, I had reached.

It was at this point though, after finalizing a draft of the film and making contact with two respected writers, that – contrary to what I’d previously considered the only possible option for my situation – to my surprise, I found myself contesting the practicality of this proposed strategy and, subsequently, believing that – for the purpose of my intention – this tactic may in fact be backward. I mean, really, how should I expect that a stranger, or anybody else for that matter, could truly understand and give accurate description to the depth of thought, feeling, and ways in which this experience did and has affected me, if I was unable to verbalize it myself?

So, now, a year on, and after a great deal of reflection, I’m pleased to report that a first draft of this new version has been completed; which, when comparatively measured against the time and fairly tentative divulgement applied to the previous, I see as being quite an exciting advancement. Despite this though, I’m unable to offer comment on how it’s been perceived by others just yet, as I’m still in the process of sourcing feedback. But nevertheless, I will say that, for me, personally, after having now discovered and developed through this project a true sense of expression, it is – for one of many other (not so selfish) reasons – why this film has already been a success.

Looking ahead, I’ll continue to make necessary improvements – such as cutting the films duration (currently at 120min) back to a length that’s slightly more (commercially) user friendly – and then, assisted by the direction gained through opinion and criticism of others, fine-tune and prepare a version for submission to the various avenues offered to advance it. However, for now, I’ll be taking a short break from staring at and thinking about the film and, instead, will be focusing some time again on the Mentawai Support Program.

Lastly though, I thought I’d share with you an early example of the proposed culling operation I mentioned above… showing you a scene, which, as such, due to it falling into the category of not having enough bearing on the stories progression to justify it’s place, has now been removed from the film. So, please, if you have the time, do take a moment to view this otherwise exiled compilation of visual stimuli.

More updates, soon.

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  1. Gary

    Awesome mate! Can’t wait to see if that log reaches the ocean…

    Oct 24, 2011 @ 7:20 pm

  2. Rob

    Yeah the procedure of constructing and transporting a dugout canoe is quite remarkable… and a great knowledge/skill to possess when residing on one of a number of small islands, too. Thanks for commenting Gario.

    Oct 24, 2011 @ 8:08 pm


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