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Mindful that my updates here often transpire into excessively long-winded expositions – which, when considering the browsing pace of the greater community, are perhaps exhibited at the expense of engaging readers – as a reprieve for those who’ve been following along, please enjoy the simplicity of casting your eyes over a few images I feel are worth sharing…

A young Mentawai boy enjoying the freedom of the rainforest, his playground

Aman Masit Dere, a Mentawai Sikerei (shaman) decorated with colours of the rainforest

A Mentawai woman displaying traditional tattoo and sharpened teeth, rather happy

A Mentawai boy caring for his younger brother

And Grandmother, enjoying some tobacco

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  1. jamie - cloud people adventures

    who needs words with images like this? stunning stuff.

    Aug 22, 2011 @ 7:57 am


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