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I’m pleased to report that the film’s post-production is now in full swing. Even more so than when I reported the same progression last year, the year before, and most probably the several years before that too. Ahem.

Jane and I have been in lock-down mode the past month working on a final cut (edit) of the film, eating excessive quantities of potato and kale and occasionally sleeping. We screened the film during this week and received really positive and helpful feedback – thanks to all those who came along.

Next leg of the film’s production involves sound / music design and a colour grade, which are all partly underway. At the same time there’s also some important work to be done on the cultural education program in Mentawai, so I’m en-route there now to meet up with Esmat and August. I’ll visit my friend Aman Masit Dere and the family there too. Exciting.

Will be back in Australia in a month’s time to finalise the film. Can’t wait to share it with you. Whilst we’re away in Mentawai / Sumatra keep an eye on Suku Mentawai or our Facebook and Instagram feeds for updates. Cheers!


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