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SURFAID INTERNATIONAL and the people of Mentawai are in need of our help.
The latest news from a friend currently located in the islands, tells of the damage caused by the Tsunami being far worse than anticipated.
“Many villages are badly affected, and the death toll is still rising by the day. Obviously the logistical difficulties of the islands are making it harder to meet the needs of the communities, but the rains are not helping the situation either – rapidly growing sanitary and hygiene issues in the damaged areas, including the significant increase in diarrhea rates. The dangerous weather conditions are also preventing doctors and local boats from traveling down south, meaning there is very little aid reaching the southern end of the Pagai Selatan. People are starting to die of simple infections. It’s quite a difficult situation.”

If you can afford, please support the MENTAWAI TSUNAMI APPEAL.
Every little bit helps.


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