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In other news, and after briefly catching up with myself over the weekend, here’s what I had to say regarding the films progress:

“How is the film coming along, Rob?”

“Well, it”

“Coming along well?”

“Yes it is well, however”

“That’s wonderful to hear, Rob, but when will the film be finished?”

“WELL BASICALLY, I’ve completed as much of the post-production as independently possible, so the film is almost there, which”


“Yes… almost, nearly, well-nigh… the reality is, friend, the various other facets of post-production that still need attention, do require professionals, and professionals, do require income; and not to mention, beyond that, the many other costs involved with successfully releasing a film, Internationally. So essentially, the main hindrance to completing the film is, not surprisingly, finance, or lack thereof.”

“Gee whiz Rob, that sounds rather daunting!”

“Oh please, let’s not get too carried away. There are indeed many film-funding options available – both the conventional, and unorthodox type; so it should be an enjoyable stage of the process, nonetheless.”

“Right, ok, so I’m to presume then, Rob, that you’ll have funding secured and the film ready for release by December 2010?”

“Yes… perhaps. I do share your optimism, however, if for instance, hypothetically, the rate of fund-sourcing is slower than expected, then this may also slow the process of completion.”

“Ah, so I’m to understand… and correct me if I’m wrong, the film is now at a stage where if you are to secure appropriate financial support, it could be completed within a few months; however, if not, it may take a little longer?”

“Now you’re starting to catch on.”

“So your life, Rob, is once again relying on the dollar?”

“Well not exactly; it perhaps influences a potential timeframe, but it doesn’t; I’ll keep working toward; there’s plenty to do, the, vision…. yep.”

In the meantime though, perhaps this Mentawai song I’ve recorded may rise a smile!

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  1. Fern

    fav song

    Sep 24, 2010 @ 3:21 pm

  2. jamie

    good luck with the raising of funds mate. looking forward to seeing the final cut.

    Sep 25, 2010 @ 3:14 am


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