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I’m rather excited to share with you a new trailer for the As Worlds Divide documentary film. The previous (teaser) was created in 2012 and of course the project, film and story have evolved quite substantially since then.

Big thanks to the wonderfully talented and creative team who’ve helped with the production of this trailer. In particular Amy Browne, Sara Edwards, David Kahne, and Sonia Heideman. It has been really enjoyable to make and we’d absolutely love to hear what you think. Watch here:

In addition we’ve also been working on a Press-Kit document to help with our endeavours of securing completion funding and outreach support for the film. This doc can be downloaded from the Film (synopsis) page here.

I dearly hope this project will help raise awareness and influence positive change for the prevention of a very serious issue impacting, not only the indigenous people of Mentawai, but the future of us all. Please be involved and help grow this voice. Plenty more to come.


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