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The trip to Mentawai went really well. For all the details, photos and video documentation about this please check out the article posted on the Suku Mentawai program website by clicking here. Thanks again to everyone involved who’ve helped us reach this stage in the process. Really happy.

We received a great response from our star audience during an opportunistic preview-screening whilst visiting too. Very entertaining and enlightening for all.

In other news, it may please you to know that the As Worlds Divide film is now back in focus; with plans to finalise and premier – initially through a festival to help drum up interest and develop deeper connections and partnerships for a subsequent release – in the not too distant. I’ll elaborate on this, along with a few exciting announcements, very soon.

For now, here’s a photo of my friend Aman Masit Dere looking a great deal healthier and more energetic than he did on our last encounter. Best wishes for the new year!


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