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Mentawai boy, Jumer, practicing his kung fu moves in the rain

I find the fund-raising aspect of this project quite challenging and so it generally gets pushed aside in the hope that the task will just disappear, but of course it doesn’t. It grows. Until finally there comes a time such as this where opportunity and need wonderfully collide and action simply must be taken. Fact of the matter is we need →


SURFAID INTERNATIONAL and the people of Mentawai are in need of our help. The latest news from a friend currently located in the islands, tells of the damage caused by the Tsunami being far worse than anticipated. “Many villages are badly affected, and the death toll is still rising by the day. Obviously the logistical difficulties of the islands are making it →


In light of the previous post, and its mention to the earthquake that struck parts of western Sumatra in 2009, I figured this an appropriate segway to share a few images I’d taken in Padang, a day or so after the tragedy. You see, this also happened to be the exact time my then partner, Fern, had come to visit. A →

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