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Mindful that my updates here often transpire into excessively long-winded expositions - which, when considering the browsing pace of the greater community, are perhaps exhibited at the expense of engaging readers - as a reprieve for those who've been following along, please enjoy the simplicity of casting your eyes over a few images I feel are worth sharing... A young Mentawai →


Had I ever imagined the scenario of my arriving unannounced on a remote island, where, knowing next to nothing of the language, culture, or lifestyle, a native people would welcome me in, treat me as one of their own and teach me the skills necessary to survive in their jungle habitat; I suspect I would have thought this the most →


All June donations for the Mentawai Support Program have been collected and are to be presented to GLOBALQUEST next week. Some very exciting results, so do stay tuned! And in the meantime...


As we adapt our lives to the conveniences of modernity and particularly toward a reliance on the availability of information at the press of a button, are we considering the fact that through this advancement also arises an opportunity for a younger – technologically savvy – generation to be heard, to influence change, and to pave the way for our →


The traditional tattoos - which, for various cultures worldwide, where their tribal markings have been nothing short of fundamental in shaping their identity, their culture, and their existence - are now vanishing, rapidly… and in many cases leaving behind no visual evidence for future generations, whatsoever. After thousands of years being passed from generation to generation, these intricate, purposive markings, →


Whilst anthropologists, missionaries and tourists have been visiting the archipelago for some time now, it's rather interesting to consider that in the 21st century - in a country as accessible as Indonesia, that there still remains a people that have yet to witness the most basic of modern-world items.


Hunting - an integral part of the traditional Mentawai lifestyle sees the hand crafted bow and arrow as the most commonly used method for fatally wounding their prey. So how could a handmade arrow possibly stop a rampaging wild boar? Well, by gathering a selected mixture of flora from the nearby jungle, the huntsmen are able to extract a poisonous →


Landing in this new island habitat saw a sudden and significant change to my diet. The transition period for the first month would result in diminished energy levels; provoking a need to learn the art of fishing – an important survival skill for those residing by the ocean. Fortunately Si Hen and a couple of experienced fisherman in the village →


Editing is underway… slowly. I’m finding it very difficult to sit in front of the computer for extended periods and, for whatever reason, I’ve taken to running in the bush. If my head becomes sore it suggests that I run - so I do. I’ve been running further and further everyday, and I quite enjoy it. I might even invest →


I’ve returned home from the Mentawai Islands where I’ve been living for 18 months. What an amazing experience it's been. I’m thinking a great deal about the lifestyle and my friends I’ve left behind there. These people are incredible. I can’t even begin to describe how much I’ve learnt from them and this experience, in so many aspects. It'll →

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